Enclosed within this portal to the Ebon Circle Hold are a touch and a taste of their knowledge archives containing the secrets of humanity’s undiscovered history through deep time to present. Take care with knowledge gained here and in discourse, as there well may be opposition to any disclosures of such knowledge in the public circle by open scoffs, rebukes, and/or condemnations from the accepted scholarly “experts” of our human history and the “nay-sayers” of all but their own dogmas.

To gain access to the secret knowledge within this Hold, you must join the Ebon Circle…to be known and to know them and their cause by registering for word (news) and more.


The Ebon Circle

Past and present, the Ebon Circle secretly lives under the bond of God as the Keeper Guardians of the souls of humanity. Established in humanity’s 1st Civilization…65 mya, the Ebon Circle grew from a secretive cult of origin humans worshipping the gods of their day, the Dingiir. The Ebon Circle, proclaimed earthly guardians by their Dingiir gods, set upon the 1st civilization imposing their hands to keep the Ways and Means of the Dingiir and their godly adversaries from the unworthy and ambitiously dangerous folks of humanity. Feared and hated by the masses, those holding tyrannical power, and those with ambitions in the heavenly powers, the Ebon Circle secretly plotted and schemed and acted against humanity to keep them from the wrath of the Dingiir and others of the heavenly realms. By Gods unseen hand, the Ebon Circle unknowingly carried out His will as an instrument and sword wielded by God protecting the souls, the Lights, of His creation, Humanity. In the final days of humanity’s 1st civilization, the Champions of the Ebon Circle rose by God’s challenge and charge against their Dingiir gods to save the Lights of humankind and to set in place the means of humanity’s resurrection in earth’s future times.


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