Experience skirmish and role-play gaming in an all new way!  

The Primeval Origins(R) 6-10 System(C) is inspired by the award-winning Primeval Origins(R) book series. It blends skirmish and role-playing rules like no other table-top game before. Its immersion allows players to experience the wonders and savagery of the Primeval Origins(R) Universe. 

The Primeval Origins® 6-10 System©, is an experience in Tabletop Gaming with the lethality of a Skirmish Game and the freedom of a Role-Playing Game.

Set in the Universe of the Award-Winning Primeval Origins® book series, the Primeval Origins ® 6-10 System© sports a Savage and Active Combat System like no other! The developers are passionate gamers who sought to build a fun, fast-paced, and brutally-immersive gaming experience. The game blends real-life Martial Arts, Hunting, and Military Combat Experiences into a multi-phased Skirmish Roleplaying Game System that is easy to understand and engaging.

Our First Game installment is Pit Fighter, where players battle to survive the infamous and deadly E-kur’Idagu (Sumerian for “The Prison Island” from the Primeval Origins® Universe). The denizens of the island: Pit Fighters from Houses Isin, Lagash, and Hamitic, the Ursans from the Legion of Pain, and the Clay Pit Warriors fight each other for a chance to earn their freedom from the “place of no return” and absolution from their crimes.

Key Features of the Game:

-An Active Combat System where players can actively counter each other’s Maneuvers and Actions. The system is designed to have minimal “Dead Time” between Player Turns with the ability to impact other players through Interrupt Actions such as Parries, Dodges, and Counter-Grapples.

Brutal Close Quarters Combat, ranging from primitive and advanced weapons to fists and elbows. Players always have the opportunity to be lethal. The game’s robust Grappling System allows players to engage in the closest of personal combat like never before!

Maxed Roll and Critical Success Systems allows even less skilled characters to always have a chance to significantly impact the action…and outcomes of battle and encounters. Combined with the Critical Failure and Life Point Systems ensures even legendary characters never lose their sense of mortality.

-A three-tiered Passive Defense accounts for a character’s difficulty to be hit, armor protection, and overall physical hardiness.

Realism in rules: A plethora of fighting disciplines, realistic / believable game physics, speed of actions and game tempo, and the natural world all seamlessly built into the Primeval Origins ® 6-10 System©. Social, emotional, and morale influences are an integral part of the rules as well!

-Wildlife of the Late Cretaceous is abundant and deadly in the Primeval Origins® Universe. Realistic encounters with powerful and deadly animals…not monsters…that can and do interact with players are to be feared. Yes, you have the opportunity to fight and die at the claws, teeth, feet, and tails of Dinosaurs and other primordial beasts.

Background of the development team – one or more members have:

  • Fought other human beings in combatives and have been on both the giving and receiving end of Martial Arts moves,
  • Fought modern day Snapjaws (in case you were wondering where our Longknife obsession came from…),
  • Experienced the thrill and terrors of spooky and unfriendly environments and hunting dangerous game,
  • Trained in military survival, evasion, and escape and enjoy all forms of outdoor recreation and physical challenges,
  • Traveled the world experiencing new, and sometimes hostile, environments engaging with people of multiple cultures in negotiations, cooperation efforts, and relationship building.

About the Primeval Origins® 6-10 System© and Pit Fighter Creator:

Justin is a life-long gamer and U.S. Army Engineer Officer. He is a graduate from West Point with a Bachelors Degree in Physics. He has Black Belts in Karate and Iaido (The Way of the Sword) and has competed in Kendo and Mixed Martial Arts. Justin loves archery and grew up hunting in the Florida Swamps…loves hog (hawg) hunting. His experiences in personal combatives and the outdoors forms the core of the Primeval Origins® 6-10 System© rules. He currently lives in the Texas Wastelands with his beautiful Wife, two dogs, and Three-Legged Cat.

About the Primeval Origins® Universe Creator:

B.A.Vonsik provided the framework for the Universe the Primeval Origins® 6-10 System© thrives in and closely works with the game creator discussing and arguing over every aspect of the gaming system. His experiences in Air Force Special Operations, designing and creating Military Simulation Training Systems, Division 1 Football, Military Combatives, Boxing, Archery, and Marksmanship were invaluable to the development of the Primeval Origins® 6-10 System©. His experienced insights into elusive and dangerous game animals and their environments, from hunts spanning the Rocky Mountains, to the forests of the Northeast USA, to the Swamps of Florida, to the Savannas of South Africa, added to the core rules of the Primeval Origins® 6-10 System©.

The Alpha Testers:

The Celestial Fury Publishing (CFP – ) and Digital Escape Velocity (DEV – ) teams provided numerous playtests refining the Primeval Origins® 6-10 System© rules in their rare moments of free time focused on developing advanced technology solutions from their Orlando, Florida headquarters. The DEV Team brought invaluable insights to the rules system based on their Gaming, Simulation, Martial Arts, and Entertainment Experiences.

The Beta Testers:

The Beta Testers predominantly consisted of U.S. Army Veterans (from the self-proclaimed “Meat Eaters” to the noble Maneuver Support branches), one Navy Veteran, and excellent gamers from Orlando Florida, Columbus Georgia, and Huntsville Alabama. They had an excellent time attempting to, and at times succeeding, in bending the rules…which they seemed to immensely enjoy.

The Primeval Origins® team is currently testing the gaming rules with a lot of similes and triumphant shouts and cheering from players. Players are leaving the tables with great tales of memorable combats, both from their legendary successes and horrifying (usually entertaining) defeats. Art is presently advancing from the concept phase to development as the first box set of Primeval Origin® 6-10 System© components are being vetted and finalized to populate the first full game prototypes. Please register here on the Primeval Origins® Epic Saga website to receive the latest information concerning pre-release fan testing of Pit Fighter and delivery of the game to the market for all of you to experience.