Welcome to the Primeval Origins® Epic Saga website where you will find all the information about the Primeval Origins® universe that just can’t be included in the books, graphics novels, and games. Enjoy the website and the journey of discovery into our undiscovered history and possible future.

The Primeval Origins® Universe…

What if ALL our myths and legends are true?” Or, more accurately, what if all or many of our myths and legends had birth from an undiscovered history, where our ancestors experienced things they did not have the lexicon to describe or the ability to understand what they saw, yet did their best putting to clay tablets, to rocks, to ancient stone megalithic structures, and fragile organic scrolls…descriptions of their world and experiences. They chronicled their experiences in symbolic cuneiform, hieroglyphs, ancient Vedic Sanskrit on palm-leaf and hemp paper, and in other languages on other forms of millennium-lasting media for a future mankind, us, to discover and from which to learn…if we embrace the curiosity and humility to do so.

Exploring the world’s mythologies, the various major pantheons of ancient gods, the oldest creation myths, and more recent yet still ancient great flood stories, from all “corners” of the earth finds an uncanny pattern of similarities pointing to a single, grand undiscovered history of humanity that spans the world and more than 443,000 years of time. This ancient undiscovered…unacknowledged history, particularly concerning the ancient Sumerian Anunnaki and gods of Egypt, lays the foundation of all things. Layer onto these revealings the stories and traditions of the Hebrew Tora (the first five books of the Tanakh), the Hebrew Tanakh, the Christian Biblical Old and New Testaments, the Islamic Qur’an, the African and Hindu traditions, and numerous other sources of lore…of our history documented in symbolic language we now struggle to fully understand, and we see our undiscovered history taking form, into a single fantastic story, that many of our scholarly experts completely dismiss as fanciful. Now, blend in our modern scientific discoveries (from the fields of archeology, paleontology, earth and space sciences, and from many other sciences and technologies), humanity’s ever increasing and documented experiences with UFOs, and other strange phenomenon combining all of the above with Ancient Alien Theory and what do you have…the core of the Primeval Origins® world and universe. Our Undiscovered History!

Primeval Origin’s stories build on this background, the seemingly unrelated pieces of knowledge from many diverse sources and disciplines, together fusing into an unified history going back into Deep Time…when the Hand of God created our universe, then progressing forward through vast pools of time into what the Sumerian and Egyptian myths describing gods, the Anunnaki, called the Prior Times…when humanity first was sparked into existence on earth as described in the creation myths and legends in Sumerian cuneiform on the numerous clay tablets available to research (with tens of thousands still yet to be translated), in Egyptian hieroglyphics on monuments and obelisks, in burial chambers, as well in many other locations and forms, and in the similar creation stories from cultures, Hindu and Mesoamericans and others, around the world. In the Anunnaki definition of time, the Prior Times gave way to an undocumented Lost Times, before the re-rise of the gods, the renewed Anunnaki…what the Bible and the forbidden Book of Enoch call The Watchers (Watchers and Holy Ones), and humanity in the Olden Times…humanity’s 2nd civilization and new beginnings on the continent of Lemuria before spreading to other places around the world. This Age gave way to the Golden Times when Atlantis rose, the eastern mythologies of Hinduism and others were born, and our classical mythologies, those of the Norse and Olympian gods took form prior to the Great Deluge, the Biblical Flood, that wiped out humanity’s 3rd civilization on earth. In the aftermath, the Anunnaki returned to earth to rebuild the civilized world with the scraps of humanity that somehow survived and now under the rule of their gods. Special among the survivors, the bloodline of Noah and his sons, also subject to the Anunnaki rule were influenced and guided by these gods…Watchers…angels, ushering in our Abrahamic religions and bringing forth accounts of the direct Hand of God and His offer of salvation to the souls of humanity liberating them from the self-proclaimed gods. This 4th Age and civilization of humanity rose and fell multiple times since the Great Deluge, but never wiped out by the gods of our myths…the Watcher of legend. The Anunnaki rule on earth solidified in the Modern Times when the Anunnaki kingship was lowered to earth from the heavens after the flood. Their rule, the gods, and their petty and ambitious ways resulted in human carnage in the shadow of great public works and in the mining of gold and other precious metals. Then, mysteriously the Anunnaki lowered thier kingship from themselves to humanity at the time known our recorded history began in what many scholars consider the beginning of human history, in or near the 4th millennium B.C. (6,000 years ago). Still ambitious and with a sense of self-deserving rule of earth, the Anunnaki, the Watchers, remain in conflict with the Creator-of-All (the Anunnaki name for the All Mighty God of our universe) and His Son, the returning Lamb of God, as the major and minor signs prophesized in the Tora, Bible, and Qur’an come to pass fulfilling the prelude and omens of The Book of Revelations and in the End Times lore of Islamic cannon. As humanity’s 4th Age and civilization draws to an explosive and terrifying end, the promise of a new millennium and a new existence free of the Watchers and their allies is promised to the believers in God (the Creator-of-All) and His Son, The Christ of Earth. It is here the Primeval Origins® Epic Saga begins as the undiscovered history of humanity and our potential future is revealed in the Blue, Red, and Black Steel Epics through the eyes of the archeology/paleontology graduate student Nikki as she experiences both the past origins and the coming terrors of the Four Horsemen in the End Days Apocalypse that are soon to be unleashed upon the earth.

The Primeval Origins Epic Saga 

An Epic Fantasy, Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, and Christian Fantasy story

The Primeval Origins® story is loaded with historical and scientific facts as well as those controversial…especially concerning our undiscovered history. Where solid, these facts are blended into the storyline describing both the worlds and characters of Primeval Origins®. Where controversial or information is lacking, logic and reason…derived from a great sum of research from a wide range of materials is applied. As with all tales, those interested in the subject and those curious about the world of the story are turned into readers and these readers, if the story is compelling making the readers care what happens to the characters…become fans. It is the over-arching aim of B.A.Vonsik and the small team working Primeval Origins® to bring to life this story, in multiple forms…Books (for those loving to read), Graphics Novels (for those loving to read with visualization), Gaming (for those loving to experience and to be involved in the world as well as read with visualization), and through art (the window to a moment worthy of remembering). All these forms of story telling will reveal the Primeval Origins® universe. And, for those liking bullet lists of reasons to spend your time and dollars engaged in Primeval Origins®, this is what “PO” has to offer you both to explore and enjoy…

  • A glimpse into humanity’s undiscovered history!
  • Ancient gods…got them!
  • Alien Intelligences…got them!
  • Angelic hosts and The Watchers…got them, too!
  • Origins of our myths and legends…storyline does a bang-up job of answering this!
  • Scientific accuracy of pre-history earth, beasts, and dinosaurs…yep, got them!
  • Did we say dinosaurs and their cousins the reptiles, mammals, and birds?…got them as scientifically accurate as current research and discoveries have them!
  • World religions…got them, integrated too!
  • Clashing political perspectives and intrigue…get ’em, both past and present among human mortals and of the heavenly hosts!
  • Unexpected consequences of scientific discoveries and new technologies…got this!
  • Human failings…do we ever have ’em!
  • Don’t forget about the failings of the heavenly hosts, too!
  • Love and betrayal…got ’em!
  • Individual struggles choosing between selfish and selfless thoughts and acts…got this in spades!
  • Villainy and corruption…in so many ways!
  • Courage and heroism in the face of impossible situations and when sacrifice means giving EVERYTHING…what would an epic be without them!
  • What is Final Judgment…you, the fans of Primeval Origins®, are going to experience possibly the most thought-provoking concept of what is life all about!

Join us in this journey of discovery revealing our undiscovered past and our potential futures.