11 Sept 2017

Primeval Origins - a CFP Announcement

Celestial Fury Publishing (CFP) has decided to update the book covers for Primeval Origins, both Paths of Anguish and Light of Honor in preparation for the release of book three in this epic saga. The decision to update the covers came after reviews by KIRKUS Reviews and others highly regarded in the book industry identifying the Primeval Origins story excellent, but the book covers as just average. CFP has obtained the talents of Asha Hossain Design and Marcel Mercado (artist) to work with B.A. Vonsik creating new covers to be updated immediately. The art and cover for Paths of Anguish is completed and presently in the process of being updated. Primeval Origins: Paths of Anguish will soon be re-released with a new cover and minor updates to the interior. The CFP team is very excited about the new art and art vision for our fans, both present and in the days ahead. Enjoy a low-resolution example of the art, Rogaan in the Valley of the Claw as the new cover.

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30 April 2017

From the author of Primeval Origins,

I apologize to my fans for the delay in getting Book 3 into your hands. Some of the delay is due to the demands of my day job, but much is due to new information being discovered and published in the fields of archeology and the other sciences. Book 3 is set to reveal a larger story including gods from our undiscovered history...though, new information has allowed me to revise some of the history I've researched and assembled for the Primeval Origins story. Much of the new information is meshing in seamlessly with the human and Anunnaki histories on earth already included, but some require a little educated guesswork to get as accurate as possible before the story elements are modified to the revised history. A lot of re-research has been done and writing to finish Book 3 is about to restart with the updated story including the ancient god character of Seth/Enshag (a teaser/spoiler for all of you). I thank all you for your loyalty and patience.

BA Vonsik
2 April 2017
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5 March 2017 - Epic Fantasy Story Book Giveaways

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3 March 2017

We have four winners in the Primeval Origins Goodreads February 2017 book giveaways, three winners from the USA and one from Great Britain.

Great Britain Winner

- Ben Andsley, Light of Honor

United States Winners

- Ari Ania, Paths of Anguish

- Jennifer Teng, Paths of Anguish

- Sherri Therrien, Light of Honor

A warm welcome to our winners as they join in the adventures of the multiple award winning Primeval Origins Epic Saga.

For those interested in owning the books of Primeval Origins, they are available online, everywhere...